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Sunday, 6 May 2018

How to Stay Safe

No one has ever regretted being too safe. Here are some general tips that you can use to make sure you are always safe and have your wits about you. This is a very simplified list of suggestions; the internet has tons of helpful advice for females. Here is a list of general list of tips to help you stay safe:

Slow Down
In this mad world that we live in, we are so used to rushing around, trying to get things done and move from Point A to B in supersonic speed. Slow down, know where you are and take in your surroundings. One mad dash could lead to accidents. Nothing is more important than being alive, well and fit so take your time and avoid accidents. 

Protective Gear
If you’re a crazy health nut who insists on cycling to work make sure you wear all protective gear- helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, high-vis jackets, even a body armour if you need to....Remember there is no point in being healthy if you end up dead!

Online Dating
If you are going on a Tinder/ online date, make sure you tell someone before you head out and be sure to meet your date in a public space.

Keep an Eye on Your Drink
Never leave your drink unattended. I recently saw a video online where a girl’s drink was spiked. The girl was holding her drink but her attention was on her phone; she was recording  herself and her friend. A guy appeared in the background. He was very subtle in the way he dropped a pill into her drink. On first watching the video, you may miss it. Then comes the slow motion and you cannot unsee it. Keep hold of your drink and don’t let this be the thing that compromises your safety.  

Don't be Intimidated
Never show you’re feeling threatened or intimidated as it gives power to the other person, who may use this over you. 

Have an Escape Route
Always know your escape route. Wherever you go, there will be one or more exit routes. Know where they are and keep your wits about you when you feel you’re in an intimidating situation.

Keep a Distance
If someone is approaching you, move back. Aim to keep more than an arm’s length between you and the perpetrator. Your goal should not be to win the fight but to avoid it happening. The rules of self defence is to keep a distance, protect your head and run. Do not try to protect yourself with any kind of weapon as this could be used against you- i.e you could end up injured or you could end up in court, trying to defend why you had a knife on you in the first instance.

If you get entrapped by someone try to pinch them on the inner side of their upper arm. This is a surprisingly sensitive area. By pinching them, you cause them enough pain to leave to leave you. Use the opportunity to run. Do not try to fight anyone if you are on your own. 

Flashing the Cash?
Don’t be flashy when you are feeling unsafe in an unfamiliar environment. I enjoy wearing a nice watch and carrying an expensive handbag just like most other girls but sometimes it’s important to not draw attention to yourself.  

Trust your guts. If you intrinsically feel that something is not right, you’re probably right. A lot of things cannot be explained but they can be felt. 

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