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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Relaxing Night Routine

The only thing you want to do after a long hard day at work is just to go home and relax, wash away your stresses and get yourself ready for the next day. Here are a few simple ways to have a relaxing night time routine. 

1. Hang Your Clothes
It is so tempting to take off your jacket and throw it onto the first piece of furniture you see after a hard day’s work. Hold off on that temptation; do not give into the gremlins when you’re tired. Hang up your jacket- this will only take a few seconds to do and it will pay in dividends when it comes your relaxing time. 

2. Bath
If you have some time to spare, indulge yourself with a bath. You can pick up some nice smelling bath bombs at Lush. Light up a scented candle, dim the lights, put on some music and for a while forget about the rest of the world. Understandably, this is not something for the everyday- you can reserve this for those extra stressful days.

3. Hot drink
Think something non-caffeinated such as herbal tea or even hot water with a slice of lemon. This is a good way to unwind yourself. Disconnect from your day and unwind with a nice hot beverage in hand. 

4. Nightly beauty regime
Introduce a nightly beauty regime to your day- remove all traces of makeup, floss and brush your teeth, cleanse, tone and moisturise. Having a nightly beauty regime will not only be good for your skin but it will also act as a good schema for you to unwind. Plus nothing feels as calming or relaxing as a nice pamper session. 

5. Read in bed

In 2018, we are constantly surrounded by some form of stimulus. Disconnect yourself from social media, turn off your phone, turn off your laptop and any other devices you may have on around you. Turn back to the good old fashion paper book. Read a chapter of a book while in bed. Lose yourself in your book and feel yourself relax and unwind. 

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