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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Quality Vs Quantity

Up until my mid-twenties, I never appreciated the value of quality and I went for quantity instead. I thought it was wiser to have more things with lower quality than having a small number of things which were higher in quality. I thought it was silly to save up to buy an expensive handbag when I could just easily get about twenty for the same price at Primark. 

Fast-forward to my early thirties, I realise that when you constantly buy cheap things, you end up with a lot of unused clutter, which you can either (a) keep and end up on TV as a Hoarder or (b) throw everything away and feel guilty about all the money, time and energy you wasted on products. I've found myself an option (c) in case anyone is interested it is to pick a few of my items, use it to the max and then discard them. I am definitely on a mission to streamline all my belongings.

When thinking about writing this blog post, I had more in mind than just your shopping bag. In all aspects of your life, you can always choose between quality and quantity; your education, career, social and romantic relationships, lifestyle, etc..  Choosing quality over quantity is great because you are thinking more long term and about durability and sustanability. Furthermore, by choosing quality, you are really able to enjoy and appreciate all that you have as opposed to thinking of everything disposable and never truly understanding their real value.

You may at a point in your life where you are not able to get yourself the kind of quality items, relationships, career, etc. that you want. That's okay too; just get something and climb your way up just be mindful not to collect a plentiful of things of lower quality in the pursut of getting that high quality item.

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