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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Getting Rid of Toxicity from Your Life

Life has a way of throwing curveballs our way when we least expect it and sometimes these curveballs just do not want to go away and they end up becoming a burden and the burden can end up becoming a toxic trash that you need to get rid of. Here’s some of the toxicity that you need to get rid of:

1. Get rid of your inner demons
Always remind yourself of your worth and don’t give into your self-doubts and insecurities. Look at all that you have achieved in life so far and know that there is still some journey ahead of you and you should never feel overwhelmed or intimidated by your dreams or how much work you have to do. You are no different from the most successful person in your life and you can have the life you want. Take one thing at a time; one step at a time and inch yourself closer to the dream life you want, putting to rest the insecurities that have come into your life over the years.

2. Get rid of joy-sucking friends
Get rid of your joy-killing, negative-Nancy, constant whining friends. Sure you should be there for your friends if they need you; but make sure this need is not met one-sided. If you find that you’re the one whose always there for the other, ditch your ‘friend’. You notice that she/he is only in touch when they need something from you, ditch the ‘friend’. You notice that things always go their way and what you want or say is always falling on deaf ears, then ditch your ‘friend’. Friends should be there to make you feel good about yourself and if your friend isn’t doing that and you find yourself feeling drained by their company, then get rid of them. Life is too short to allow others to suck up your energy. Also remember it is not your job to help others and your first duty should always be to yourself so make sure you only keep those people around who make you feel good about yourself.

3. Don’t be afraid of repeating mistakes
We all hate making mistakes and we hate repeating the same mistakes. But getting comfortable with making the same mistakes multiple times is okay. In fact, it is more than okay. The more mistakes you make, the more you can learn about yourself. It is far better to make mistakes than to stay in a stagnant point in life. Don’t let fear keep you out of the game. Use it to motivate you and make you a better version of who you are.

4. Share Details of your Personal Life Sparingly
You don’t need to share too much with too many people. Have a close group of friends and family that you can share the details of your personal life with and still be economical with how much you share. The less you share, the less drama and opinions you invite into your life.

5. Live your kind of life
Unfortunately, people love to give their unwanted advice on how other people should live their lives. And while their advice may be coming from a good place, it does not help in you achieving the sort of life you want. Drown out the sound of the people and do what it is that you want to do. Be your true self and lead your life your way.

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