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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Simple Fashion Tips

1. Know when to Spurge and when to be Thrifty.
After getting plantar fasciitis a few years ago, I always ensure my shoes are a good quality and I don’t mind spending little extra if it means my feet will be comfortable. I also think bags are something ladies should spend more on, particularly, those of us who carry a heavy load, including the kitchen sink with them when they go out. The quality of high street store handbags are never the best. This usually means a snapped handle at best or worst case scenario, bag totally gives in and all your things land on the floor. There are plenty of high end brands, which have different price points. Know your budget and start shopping around.


2. Choose Timeless over Statement Pieces
Dainty pieces like a delicate necklace or a ring are timeless pieces that you can wear with any outfit and you can wear these for any occasion. As much as I love statement bauble necklaces as much as the next girl, I do find them somewhat limiting in where you can wear them. A cute dainty necklace can be worn in the office, at uni/ college, parties; the options are endless. A statement bauble necklace on the other hand could possibly only be worn at parties and on holidays.

3. Don’t Follow Current Trends Religiously
Unfortunately not everything you see on tv, magazines and on fashion bloggers suit everyone. But that’s okay because it means you have a unique look and you should embrace that. Get creative with your shopping habits and figure out what suits you. 

 4. Only Buy Heels if You Can Wear Heels
As a rule of thumb, the bigger your feet, the easier it is for you to wear and balance yourself in heels. So, if you are short with big feet, you’ve hit the high heel jackpot. But let’s face it; short girls have small feet and tall girls tend to have larger feet. Dilemma, dilemma....Do buy heels. They are pretty and have their uses. Just be sure that you are buying something you’ll be able to wear out. There is no point in owning something pretty for your wardrobe.

5. Have Regular Clearouts
Have regular clearouts of your wardrobe to always have your A-Game on. Be ruthless of what you want and need to keep so that you can make space for the newer, fresher items. This way you are always on trend and you can keep a fresh, clean, updated look.

6. Venture Out to Different Stores
Sometimes I buy from Next and M&S. I know that these are supposed to be ‘mummy’ stores. But here’s why I go there; (i) no one in my age range will shop there, so my clothes will always be unique and (ii) the quality of the clothes are made to last much, much longer. Girls in their teens, twenties and thirties are known for updating their wardrobe far more regularly than women in their fifties and sixties. The fashion retailers know this and have used this information to their advantage. 

7. Don’t Become a Slave to Fashion
Sometimes you will fall in love with things and you desperately want it to work in an outfit. But it doesn’t. You go online and start image searching outfit ideas but everything you see is more appropriate for a fashion magazine cover than it is for your everyday life. Don’t fret; instead, see it as a piece of art and appreciate it for that. Focus your time and energy on the things that do work. And remember your things are supposed to work for you, you are not supposed to work for your things. 

8. Small Change, Big Impact.
Sometimes, all you need is to do one small thing to make a big difference to your look. What is it about your look that defines your style? Is it that you always wear black or that you are always in jeans? Change it up. Wear a colourful blouse or wear a skirt and see how different you look. I recently cut my hair; it was a small change but it made a drastic change. When changing your style, less is more. 

9. Don’t be so rigid in your ideas
Become fluid with what you look. I hate the idea of denim on denim but I have come to appreciate a denim dress. When you become so focused and adamant on what you like and don’t like, you are stopping yourself from broadening your fashion sense. Keep an open mind and eye. All the clothes rails in the world is your oyster.

10. Have a Style Icon
If you like the style and fashion sense of someone you know, then let them become your style icon. You don’t have to copy them but just adopt some of what they wear into your wardrobe. It’s  good to have your own unique style but it’s also great to have some fashion inspiration and influences around you. 

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