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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Where to Meet Nice Girls

Last week’s blog post was all about where to meet nice guys and since I am all for equality, this week’s blog post is all about finding nice girls- great if you are a man looking for a new lady in his life, a lady looking for a lady or just for making new friends. Read on if you’re interested....

1. Work/Uni./College:
You have friends waiting to be made at the place you spend most of your time. If that’s work, uni or college, you will have plenty of people, including girls around you. Strike up a conversation and let a new friendship bloom.

2. Friends of friends:
When meeting up with your friends, be open to the possibility of them bringing a friend with them. Many a great friendships have blossomed from ‘met through mutual friends’.

3. Blogger Events :
This is the age of the internet where people with varying interests have united via the internet. Find your interest and join groups on social media platforms and go to the events posted. There are plenty of girls there. Best thing about this is that you are guaranteed to have common interests and hobbies.

4. Meet Ups:
Meet up is a site which posts interesting and exciting things to do in your free time. You can choose the city you’re in and look at the listings posted. A great thing about Meet up is that while you’re browsing the different events, you may find things that you are interested in but lay dormant for a while (adulting sucks sometimes!)

5. Self Defence Classes:
I mentioned joining self defence classes in last week’s post to meet nice men and am mentioning it again today. Self defence classes are a very sociable way to meet people. Usually in these classes, you need to team up with someone (one person is the ‘attacker’ and the other is the ‘defender’). So, join a class and start meeting people. 

6. Voluntary Work:
Volunteering your time, say an hour every week, is a great way to be more socially conscientious. You are using your free time productively to a worthwhile cause and in the process you get to meet other volunteers. Females make up more than half of the volunteering population. So, get volunteering and meet some more girls.

7. Creative Hobbies:
Girls tend to be more creative than guys.  This statement is massively stereotypical of the genders but it does hold true (look at the number of female YouTubers compared to male YouTubers). So, why not take up some classes to get your creative juices flowing. Who knows who may meet and what sort of friendships will develop and all the experiences that are yet to be had....

8. Workout Classes:
Workout classes can include anything from spin bike classes to running. Girls that go to these classes are super human; I’m not kidding. They are fit, active, full of life and super happy and confident. If you are not a fit person, that’s okay- you can start small and work your way up to regular classes. By joining a fitness class, you become a healthier better version of you and you can make fit, healthy friends in the process. A total win-win situation.

9. Evening/Weekend Classes:
Do you have something on your ‘must learn’ bucket list such as a new language or a musical instrument? Why not start now? There are plenty of classes available in and around London with flexible learning times. Enrol yourself onto a course, learn something new and gain new friends. 

10. Just be Open:
Keep yourself open to new people and new possibilities. Have an open body language and don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone who you find interesting. You never know where a ‘hello’ may lead....

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