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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Bored of Your Workouts?

It’s that time of the year when all our good intentions of getting healthier start to wear us down. We mark down workout days on our calendars, set reminders on our phones, schedule it in our calendar and yet at the last minute we magically find some excuse to skip the gym. This is where this blog post will be your best friend and remind you of the alternatives to working out. Try them out if you’re getting bored of your current workout routine.

1. Swimming
Other than being a great way to lose weight, swimming is relaxing and so it helps to improve resting heart rate and blood flow and it also helps to relax the mind. As swimming is less stressful for the joints as compared to running or biking, this is an exercise that can be picked up by anyone regardless of their fitness levels and age. As well as being a cardio exercise, swimming also helps build up strength and endurance.

2. Bicycling
If you didn’t learn as a child, you can pick up this new hobby. It takes some getting used to and it is a really fun way to keep yourself fit and active. It’s also a really good way to strengthen those leg muscles. And here’s something you probably didn’t know….if you live in London, most local councils offer free lessons to their residents, workers and students.

3. Walking
Nothing beats a nice walk. It is a low intensity workout that anyone can do. Bonus points for it being free. Going for regular walks help to strengthen your heart, lose weight and tone up your bum, legs and stomach. Studies also suggest it helps to prevent (or delay) the onset of dementia. To get the most from your walks, try to go out into nature and breathe in fresh air. This will also give you a chance to naturally boost your vitamin D.

4. Gym Classes
If you’re lucky enough to be the member of a gym which provide classes, take advantage of them. In these classes, you will get to work out with other people and so making it more fun and a sociable thing to do. The variety in classes available are countless- you may be surprised at what you may find enjoyable of the classes out there.

5. Boxercise
Boxing or any form of self defence exercise is a good for two reasons; firstly you are learning to defend yourself against any attack, which hopefully you will never have to face. Secondly, you are getting yourself fit in the process. Self defence classes are another sociable thing to do, making them even more fun.

6. Dancing
Dancing is a super fun way to get fit. There are different types of dance that you can get involved in, all depending on what interests you- breakdancing, salsa, Charleston, ballroom, ballet. Dancing also comes with many benefits- such as improved functioning in your heart and lungs, increased muscle strength, better endurance and motor fitness. Furthermore, regular dancing helps to reduce the onset of osteoporosis in your later years.

7. Meditaion
This is more about your mental health than your physical health. Join a meditation or a mindfulness course and allow yourself to release all the tension that you burden yourself with. When you meditate, you come out of yourself and view the world in its entirety and you are able to put into perspective all the problems you may have.

8. Yoga/ Pilates
Yoga and pilates focus on strengthening your muscles by stretching. This is a particularly useful form of exercise for those who have desk jobs and do not get to move around much. 

9. Football
Football or tennis or rugby or basketball or basically any other sporty game is also way of getting fit. With these kinds of games, there is an end goal, there are aims and targets and you will be playing in a team. Some people prefer this form of exercise to working out as there is an objective to the game. So, if you’re bored of everything else, give this one a go and see how you like it.

10. Any Outdoorsy Exercise
There are plenty of ways that you can reconnect with nature- go for a hike in a wild, bushy park. Go mountain climbing. Go kayaking. Go on a canoe ride. Being in nature is relaxing and it comes with so many health benefits. It’s great to take some time out of your busy schedule and just take in some nice fresh air and not the polluted gas fumes from the city.

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