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Monday, 6 April 2015

Getting Older is a Luxury

This is the year that I go from being a relatively young person to a "lady of a certain age". I know, I know....I look young and one day I will appreciate it and what not. Those comments are so old, boring and frankly insanely annoying so please hold off on them and let's get to the point of this blog post without getting sidetracked.

One of the best episodes of Friends was the one where they turn 30 and they all have a mini melt down. It's something that anyone turning 30 experiences whether they publically admit it or not. They face an an internal battle with themselves where they think about the direction of their lives and what they have and have not achieved. Annoyingly, it's always the failures that hit us the most as we approch this time of our lives and we get so hung up on what we should have already done by now.....

I'm here to just say relax. Afterall, 30s is the new 20s and 40s is the new 30s. You are still young and you have the rest of your lives to worry about all the missed opportunities but for now just revel in the fact that you are now old enough to know better, young enough to enjoy life; old enough to have some spare money, young enough not to have crazy amounts of responsibility.

Life is for living so enjoy every moment of it. Love the fact that you are getting older, wiser and more in touch with yourself everyday. So many people get hung up on age and they spend so much effort and time trying to perserve their youth, which frankly is so overrated- a common complaint from youthful people is that they are never taken seriously. 

Just enjoy being the age you are. Enjoy getting older. Always remember old age is a luxury that so many people don't get.

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