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Monday, 5 January 2015

Beating the Monday Morning Blues....

It's already the first Monday of the year, you moan as you hear the alarm clock go off and you have to drag yourself to get out of bed and resume your regular Monday-Friday, 9-to-5 job.

Focus on the Positives

Think about why you are at work; you will be getting a nice paycheck at the end of the month. You get to see your colleagues (I am assuming you like them; if you don't then feel free to ignore as appropriate). And it beats staying at home. Work gives people a purpose and goals to work towards. Keep that in mind when you feel that the day is starting to drag.


Music is a fantastic way to instantly boost your mood. Switch on the radio and listen to your favourite DJs treat you to hit single after single.

Don't Use Social Media Sites

It may be incredibly tempting to check out Facebook and Twitter when you're at work but resist doing so until you're on your break or when you're done working for the day. Not only is it not very professional to be on those sites but it can prolong the agony of being at work when you see your friends share viral videos with each other online and tweet about the latest trending topics. Social Media sites can also be very overwhelming at times. Anyway, your noticifications aren't going anywhere.

Dress your Best

Whenever you dress you look your best you also feel good about yourself. Take some extra time in the morning and put on a pretty dress, make sure it's ironed, do your hair, put on some make up, spray on some perfume 

Treat Yourself

During your break, get out of the building and give yourself a small treat; tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Reward yourself for your hard work and know that life isn't about work, work and more work. Life is about work and fun; everything in moderation.

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