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Thursday, 1 January 2015

An Emotional Beginning to 2015

The end and beginnings of years can be such an emotional time; you want to let go of things and start afresh. Some friendships and relationships, as fun as they may be, you know in your heart will not amount to anything and all you need to do is just cut your losses and move on. Let your heart grieve a little but don't get too hung up on what was and what could have been. 

Life is too short to spend on uncertanties. Be in control and be with someone who makes you feel secure and happy and have no regrets. Feel things with your heart and decide with your head. Always be true to yourself because you owe yourself more than what you owe anyone else.

Who knows what 2015 has in store for us all. But let's make it one where we are true to ourselves and do what is right for us. Let us all work hard, and hit our goals, be healthy, prosperious and above all, let us be happy in 2015. You're worth that much.

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