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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Small Feet Shoes: A Fashionable Find for the Small Footed Lady.

I have spent many years envying the footwear of all my girl friends. As we got older, everyone seemed to smoothly transition into ladies wear, whereas I struggled to find anything that I liked the look of it and despite several people telling me to shop in the children's department, it was not an idea that appealed to me. It was awful seeing girls shop for shoes you knew you could never find in your size and you could not do anything about it either.

I wanted there to be just one place, where I could shop for shoes and not have to worry about whether or not they would fit me and just be able to focus on the shoe styles. Don't get me wrong, I love having small feet; it makes me feel like Cinderella but it can be incredibly frustrating at times when there is nothing available for me to buy. There is only so much ballet pumps from the children's section that I am willing to buy.

Izzie Y

My shoe options were pretty limited until I discovered SmallFeet a few years ago. To me it is an absolute God's send. SmallFeet is an online shoe store that specialises in ladies foot wear ranging from a UK size 1 to size 3. It was finally; a place where I could shop and not worry about my feet size being an issue. 

There's plenty of things that I absolutely love about SmallFeet. The first thing that I am going to rave about are the styles; I absolutely love that they are for adults. There are plenty of styles to choose from; open toes, platforms, wedges and boots to mention just a few.I love that each of the shoes are unique and make a bold, fashion statement. It feels so nice to no longer feel like I'm having to compromise when shoe shopping.


Over the years, I have bought a number of shoes from SmallFeet. The shoes come packaged in a box labelled SmallFeet and the box is usually in a colour similar to that of the shoe. This reflects just how much attention to detail they put into their products. The shoes are stylish, unique and also comfortable. I've worn a few of the shoes for nights out, where I've been on my feet for a few hours straight- I've not had an issue with that at all. The sizing is also pretty accurate so even though you are buying it online and have no real way to test out the shoe before buying it, there is nothing to worry about there. I only had to return a shoe once as it was too small but it was totally hassle-free. They have an excellent returns and refund policy and I had no problems getting an exchange for the size that would be right for me. 

And of course there is the whole matter of cost. SmallFeet prices are pretty reasonable. You won't have to spend a ridiculous amount of money just to look stylish. I know that some high end designers do smaller sizes (I am thinking Jimmy Choo), but that's really expensive. SmallFeet shoes are affordable; another reason why I love them so much.


Being the massive fan of SmallFeet that I am, I recently got in touch with Jo Lee; she is the brains behind SmallFeet. I told her that I absolutely loved the brand and that I want to write a blog post. She was happy and told me that now would be a good time for that as there are a lot of promotions going on. So if you have small feet or know any females who have small feet then please do check out SmallFeet; you will not regret it. I visit the site a few times a month to check out the new styles that have come in and although I may not buy something everytime I visit the site, I am always impressed by what they have to offer.


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  1. pretty small shoes are great too, they have petite fashion styles from £44 and over 750 styles to choose from