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Thursday, 27 November 2014

10 Wardrobe Staples

As you start approaching your late twenties and early thirties, you find that there are some absolute essentials that you just can't do without. This is the definitive guide of the must have clothing items for any lady.....

You could easily subsitute this for jeggings. Jeggings are essentially leggings made to look like a pair of skinny jeans. These are perfect for a very casual, laid back look. You can team this up with a tshirt and you are good to go.

Black Trouser
....or any pair of smart trousers. Unfortunately not all places like the casual, laid back look. Some work places even ban jeans (a bit extreme maybe). And in these cases the smart black trousers would be your best friend.

Pencil Skirt
Pencil Skirts are rather form fitting and so may not be everyone's cup of tea. I do think that they are a very classic piece to have. It reminds me very much of a 1950's starlett, just think of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

White Shirt
White shirts are possibly that one piece you really have to have in wardrobe from the moment you start going to school. This is a very simple and a basic piece to have. It can be dressed up or down, depending on what you team with it. I personally think that cotton white shirts are boring and instead would opt for a different fabric, say chiffon or silk for instance.

Black Tshirt
Another item that can be dressed up or down is the black tshirt. You could substitute this for a spaghetti strapped tank top. The black tshirt is also perfect for layering and it is an all round easy to wear item.

Little Black Dress
Chanel was the person who came up with the concept of the little black dress. Before her, black was thought of as a very drab and dreary colour that would only be worn for funerals. However Chanel argued that it would be the only dress that a girl would ever need. The little black dress is a perfect transition piece; it can be worn at work, when out with friends or even on a date.

Leather Jacket
The leather jacket is a very chic and simple way to put in some edge to your outfit. Leather jackets remind me so much of a rock chick or a biker dude so simply put, they are totally bad ass!

A very easy way to smarten up any outfit would be to team it up with a blazer. You can wear them over a pair of trousers, over a skirt or a dress. They are very chic and makes anyone look so much more sophisticated.

Chunky Sweater
This one is about sheer comfort and nothing else. The chunky knit sweater is your best friend during the cold winter months. And what's even greater is that it helps to hide all the winter fat which you are bound to get from all the staying in and eating for insulation ;)

Winter Coat 
I dare you to try and survive a winter in England without a winter coat. That was not a serious dare by the way ;). Winter can be harsh and sometimes painful. There would be no way that you could go out without the warmth of a nice, thick winter coat.

If you would like to see me talk more about each of the items mentioned in this blog post, then please click on below...


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