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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Halloween: Vampire

It's time to wake the undead to feed on the blood of some innocent, unsuspecting people. Be warned, no one is safe.....OR you could just join in with the demonic fun and dress up all vampy with me ;)

Dressing up as a vampire is quite an obvious idea for Halloween yet for some reason it's not a video that I have made (well not until now that is). As with all the looks that I do for Halloween I have tried to keep this as simple and easy as possible. There may be a few things that you may have to purchase but on the whole, pretty easy to recreate.

Any black outfit would go well for this look. I decided to wear a lace shirt, doing up only the top three bottons and letting the rest hang low. I teamed this up with a black tank top and a deep purple maxi skirt. I think that this adds a gothic vibe to the look. There are really two things that  I purchased for this look; and that includes the vampire fangs and fake blood. Please see below if you would like to read a very mini review on the fangs

Click below if you would like to see me transform from human to a blood sucking vampire. I'm coming to get you.....!! ;)

Mini Review of the Vampire Fangs:

I love Halloween and I get pretty excited about it come late September/early October where I can start putting together ideas and looks. So when I came across a set of fake Vampire fangs on Amazon, I was excited. I bought them straight away. I liked that it was two fangs instead of a whole set which meant that it would be suitable for anyone. I also liked that comes with teeth putty to make sticking the teeth in place a lot easier.

After using the vampire fangs, I have to say I am disappointed. The adhesive was very stick and incredibly messy; it went everywhere but in the fake tooth pockets as it was meant to. So in the end I had a alot of glue and lipstick stuck on the fake teeth and the teeth actually did not stay in place. Even in the six minute video that I upload you can see it come off twice. Also the colouring of these teeth are not at all like real teeth and you can definitely see the difference.

I would say that these are good if you are going to create some effective vampire photographs. But if you are looking for teeth for a night out or for at least a few hours then I would recommend against these, which is a shame as it's cheap and readily available (thank you Amazon), but there's really no point in having them if they fall out so easily.

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