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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Halloween: Robber

Here is a very simple look that you recreate for Halloween. Being a robber is probably not the first thing you would think of being when you think of Halloween, but I think that this is very effective. This is also great for those of us who just leave things to the last minute. For this look all you need is a stripy top, black bottoms and a black eyeliner and BOOM you're a theif! And let's face it; which girl doesn't own a stripy top, black bottoms and a black eyeliner? And here's a fun(ish) fact; I used the same outfit for the mime look I did last year.

If you are interested to see how I became a robber (well for 6 minutes and 15 seconds at least) then click on below. Enjoy :)

(P.S Don't forget to lock your doors and windows; a robber is on the loose!!)

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