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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Halloween: Greek Goddess

I have just put together another look for Halloween. This time I am dressed as a Greek goddess. In case you want some information on Greek mythology, here is a breif outline of the key facts of Greek mythology. Before the world came into existence, there was chaos; this was not a form of disorder but a state of nothingness. It was from nothing that Mother Earth, Gaea came into existence and the father of Heaven was Oranus (or Uranus). Together the two had eighteen children, twelve sons and six daughters. And so the world was inhabited by giants, monstors and titans.  

One of the titans, Cronus atacked his father, Ouranus and from then on he and his sister, Rhea ruled the universe. Rhea was also Cronus' wife. He knew that one of his children would be responsible for taking away his powers and so he would eat them while they were still in the womb. Rhea longed to be a mother so on one occassion she tricked him and fed him a stone, making him believe that he was eating his son, Zeus. Zeus grew to be quite a powerful leader and he became the king of the gods.

There are a number of different gods and goddesses according to the myth. At the risk of making this blog post incredibly long, I am listing the main gods and goddesses and what were their powers:

Greek Gods:

Apollo: god of sun and music

Ares: god of war

Dionysus: god of wine

Hades: god of the underworld

Hephaestus: god of metallurgy

Hermes: god of trade

Poseidon: moody god of seas

Zeus: king of gods

 Greek Goddesses

Aphrodite: sensual goddess of love and beauty

Artemis: goddess of the hunt

Athena: goddess of intellect, wisdom and arts

Detemer: goddess of harvest

Hera: mature goddess of family

Hestia: goddess of calm and serenity

Typically the goddesses are envisioned to be ethereal in appearance, wearing flowy white dresses and still having a very natural look about them. I created a very simple yet effective look for a Greek goddess. Perfect for Halloween or for any other types of fancy dress. If you would like to see me be a Greek goddess for the day, then please click on below....


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