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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Beauty in the Smallest Places....

It's almost 3.30 in the morning as I am writing this blog post. Every night I wake up in mid sleep and I usually force myself back to sleep. But tonight I just felt like writing and so here I am, letting the words flow.... 

Right now, I am feeling inspired by nothing and everything all at once. There is so much beauty in the smallest things and the forgotten places. Even in people, the most beautiful parts lies in the smallest details; they way someone moves their hand, they way their eyes light up when they speak about something they are passionate about, their voice and the way that they smile when they are feeling happy for instance. 

I often think it's a shame how things today have become so commercialised. Everyone is concerned about making a living that they often do not take the time to just stand back and take in the beauty of themselves or of all that surrounds them. Every now and again people take a break and they fly off to a new country and they marvel at their new surrounding. But that's still not quite the same as appreciating that what you have around you.

I apologise if I am coming across as somewhat of a hippie or if my thoughts are making absolutely no sense. I guess this is just the way I think at such an odd time of the day....

Beautiful places I discovered on Google

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